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You've got to wear lots of different hats to build competitive web apps today. At Code Hat Labs we wear them all, and we wear them with glowing pride.

We bring deep experience, passion, and creativity to every project we pursue. We prize art as function, beauty as utility, and play as work; it's the Code Hat way.

webcraft takes lots of code hats...

Code Hat Fedora

The Mobile Web

Most web traffic these days is mobile. That trend is still growing. We build your tech for mobile first, then we adapt it for the desktop. And if your project needs it we will make native Android and iOS apps for you.

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Code Hat Wizard

Scalable Cloud Deployment

Your web app will scale fast to meet peak traffic surges. As more visitors come to your site, more machines come on line to serve them. At slower times the extra machines shut down. It's like magic.

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Code Hat Captain

Automated Test and Ship

We ship updates every day during development. We build tests to protect what already works. When we add new features, your code tests itself and refuses to ship if something got broken.

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Code Hat Beanie

Social Network Integration

Liking. Sharing. Logging in to your web app using a Facebook or Twitter account. We build tech that tightly integrates with your visitors' social networks. Get their friend lists. Access profiles. Tap the social vein.

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Code Hat Baseball

Data Storage and Search

Got lots of data to store? Need to search it fast? Want to make sure it's always replicated and archived? That's just how we do our data. Automated. Secure. Indexed. Highly scalable. Massively searchable.

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Code Hat Cowboy

Python Django Cowabango!

We use Django and Python to build web apps. These are the tools that power Pinterest, Instagram, and Disqus. It's easy to make powerful web apps when your tools are strong. We use the strongest tools.

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Idea Hat

Got Your Idea Hat Lit?

You have a bright vision for some cool tech. It's really going to rock! You know it's a good idea. Brilliant, really. All you need is a team of geniuses with hot coding chops who can bring your tech vision to life. That's where we come in!

we've got the propeller

Propeller Hat

Look at the propeller on that Code Hat! You can tell by the propeller that's really a sharp Code Hat. Really the best, smartest Code Hat you can hire anywhere. Our friends in the industry know our Code Hats are the very best. And the smartest. (Seriously, look at that propeller!)

Who is Under the Hats?

We are a team of highly skilled Code Hats who have known each other for years. Some of us have known each other for decades. Most of us live in or near Portland, Oregon. Only the baddest Code Hats get to gig with us. The regular hats have to work for other companies.

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How Do We Do It?

We start by shipping useable tech on day one. Right out the gate. We add more features daily. One useful chunk at a time. All at your direction. It's called the Agile method. You set the priorities. You change your mind whenever you want. You say when it's done.

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Let Us Grace Your Tech With Our Fire

Our heads and hearts have been in this game for more than 25 years. There is no substitute for that kind of experience. There is no substiture for that kind of love. There is no substiture for the fire.

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Tell Us Your Story!

Idea Hat Propeller Hat

We can't wait to put our Code Hats together with your Idea Hat! Tell us what lit you up! Call us. Text us. Or fill out this form.

We've got the Code Hats you're looking for.

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