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How do you know when new features are really ready to ship? Well you try them out of course, but that doesn't always catch the tricky bugs. That's why we use automated testing in addition to user testing.

This site uses Codeship to automatically detect, test, and deploy new changes.

Whenever we push changes into our source code repository, Codeship detects the changes and runs a test suite. The entire test suite gets run every single time. If all the tests pass, Codeship deploys the changes to the production environment in Elastic Beanstalk. If any tests fail, Codeship does not put the changes into production. Either way, Codeship sends notifications to the development team via email and slack, either that the changes were successfully built and deployed, or that something went wrong and needs to be fixed. It's so very cool!

This site takes advantage Django's inherent unit testing.

We want to be sure that new features don't break existing features. Further, we want to make sure that new features do what they are supposed to do before we deploy them. Unit tests help make all of that easier. We can be more confident that a feature is correctly built and ready to deploy when it passes all of its tests. We can be further confident that a new feature didn't break an old feature when the old feature still passes all of its tests.

It's the Very Best

Our automated test and ship is the very best automated test and ship on the planet. Seriously, you can't find better automated test and ship anywhere. If you ask around the really smart people will tell you it's true. We have the very best automated test and ship. The smart folks know.

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