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Data is the very essence of tech. Search is the power that unlocks the secrets and trends hiding in your data.

This web site's database is deployed in Amazon's Relational Data Service.

Data needs to be secured, replicated, and backed-up. Amazon's Relational Data Service automatically replicates your database in real-time. It also creates nightly backups that are stored in an S3 bucket.

Index and search your data with powerful tools.

Data indexing and search have never been easier. Amazon's Elasticsearch and CloudSearch scale to handle massive amounts of data. Refine search results with filters and faceting. Limit results by geographic location. The possibilites are off the chart!

It's the Very Best

Our data storage and search is the very best data storage and search on the planet. Seriously, you can't find better data storage and search anywhere. If you ask around the really smart people will tell you it's true. We have the very best data storage and search. The smart folks know.

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