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We're All Friends Here

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We each made a short selfie so you can get to know us a little better.

Jeff Jarvis

Jeff is the chief entrepreneur, engineer, and architect of this intrepid little band of Code Hats. He never met a coding challenge he couldn't blast to smithereens. With nearly 30 years of experience Jeff has built tech for marquee brands like the Boston Globe and the State of Oregon, and for small companies like Arts People.

Patrick Curtain

Patrick knows everything there is to know about the logisitics and practice of crafting software. He knows how to build tech teams and keep them pumping at high efficiency. Patrick has worked wonders for household names like Intel and Disney. He led the team that built the digital platform for Dark Horse Comics. He's also a professional bass player. That's really swinging.

Matt Cole

Matt is our go-to genius for art and design. (Guess who drew all the hats!?) Matt has a gift for creating clean designs that really pop! He is also a gifted freehand artist. Matt recently struck out on his own after having served as creative director at Ambient Media for several years. Check out some of his work at mattcole.me.

Brandon Johnson

Brandon is an HTML/CSS guy. He brings designs to life and makes them work in the browser. It's one of the hardest jobs in web tech because the different browser brands each have their own quirks, and the technology is constantly changing. We're sure glad we have Brandon to wear that Code Hat for us!

Tracy Johnson

Tracy glues our team together with nearly 20 years of tech support and administrative experience. She's our first line of defense for support issues. She makes sure you get heard and she makes sure you get answers. If you want to be certain your support or administrative query is handled in a timely way, just ask Tracy.

The Very Best!

Our people are the very best people on the planet. Seriously, you can't find better people anywhere. If you ask around the insiders will tell you it's true. We have the very best people. The insiders know.

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