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We Love The Cloud!

The cloud has taken the pain out of deploying, scaling, and monitoring web tech.

This web site is deployed in the cloud using Amazon's Elastic Beanstalk.

We don't like messing with hardware, so we use Amazon's Elastic Beanstalk for deployment. Elastic Beanstalk takes care of provisioning the hardware and making sure you have enough servers on line to meet your traffic. When your traffic increases, Elastic Beanstalk automatically launches additional servers to handle the load. When traffic decreases, Elastic Beanstalk shuts down the extra servers.

We've got our feet on the ground and our heads in the Amazon Cloud.

We make extensive use of Amazon Web Services for just about everything: scalable deployment, data storage and replication, scalable search, caching, push notifications, message queues, firewall, DNS, outbound email, et al. We even use it for SSL certificate issuance and management; the certificates are free! We pay only for the compute and bandwidth resources we actually need and use. (Amazon should pay us for promoting them with such enthusiasm, lol.)

It's the Very Best

Our scalable cloud deployment is the very best scalable cloud deployment on the planet. Seriously, you can't find better scalable cloud deployment anywhere. If you ask around the really smart people will tell you it's true. We have the very best scalable cloud deployment. The smart folks know.

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